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December 18, 2016

Health Canada recently announced the changes to be made to the food labels found on packaged foods in Canada. The changed components on food labels include:

  • the nutrition facts table

  • list of ingredients

  • serving size

  • sugars information

The Good:

  1. Serving sizes will now be based off of regulated reference amounts. This means serving sizes among similar products will be consistent to make comparing products and reviewing nutrition information easier.

  2. Serving sizes should now reflect portion sizes actually used by Canadians.

  3. Serving sizes of products which can be measured will now be shown in a common household measurement in addition to the g amount.

For example: when looking at two different yogurts, both serving sizes should be listed at ¾ cup (175 g).

   4. Foods in a single serving container holding up to 200% of the referenced amount of        food, the new serving size will be the whole container.

For example: the re...

December 7, 2016

Be intentional with your time.


"good" and some is better than "perfect" and none. 


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