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January 10, 2017

Let's start with the negative stuff and end on a positive note:


10. Fall for case studies – They appeal to emotions as they tell a story - so they are compelling - but these mean absolute zero in relation to you.

9. Depend on willpower alone – “Just eat less and hope to be satisfied” this is what we are trying to do when we decide to depend on will power alone to make changes to our eating habits. Willpower is also a limited resource!

8. Become a member of the food police – Don’t pester or bully friends and family about what they eat, it does more harm than good.

7. Eat while distracted – We receive no pleasure in food when we eat in front of a screen or while driving. This leads to cravings for hyper palatable foods such as sweets or salty snacks. We are also more likely to overeat if we eat while distracted.  

6. Mistake treats for snacks – Just because something is served in a mini package does not make it a snack. Snacks should almost be re-branded as “mini meals” and we should...

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