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Healthy eating is not a simple as choosing lower calorie foods.

Making decisions on what to eat based on their energy (calorie) density alone may leave you missing out on a lot of key nutrients and may have you noshing on restaurant offerings which are less than nutritious. 

This and some future blog posts to come will take a closer look at the the pros and cons of calorie lists. 

As of January 1st, 2017, the Ontario provincial government implemented Bill 45, Making Healthier Choices Act, otherwise known as the act that has changed food chains’ display menus to provide calorie information. Although the majority of food chains already provide nutrition information in the form of pamphlets in their stores, calorie information will now be visually displayed for all customers to see as they order.

However, calories only make up a small part of a bigger picture when making healthy choices. Take for example a trip to your local Tim Horton’s to buy yourself a bagel. When looking at the menu, you...

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