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For many mothers-to-be, pregnancy is all and only about preparing for the newborn: the clothes, the crib, the stroller, the diapers—the list goes on. However, many mothers are unaware of how to best prepare their bodies for pregnancy. This article lists a few nutrients which are key to maintaining a healthy body before and during pregnancy.

 WAIT—I have to watch what I eat BEFORE I conceive?

Regardless of whether you are trying to conceive or not, maintaining a healthy diet is critical in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  However, a healthy diet becomes particularly important when trying to conceive. Many of a baby’s nutrients come from the nutrient reserves of his or her mother. This means that if the mother does not have sufficient reserves or high enough nutrient levels, the baby might not receive the nutrients it needs. Such deficiency can have significant impacts on the embryo’s or fetus’s development, or worse, survival.

In order to ensure that you are consuming enough food, you mus...

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October 11, 2017

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