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March 14, 2018

March is nutrition month and this year's theme is Unlocking the Potential of Food. Today we share a little about food's potential to fuel and share some nutritious snack ideas.

Winter is nearing an end so we are close to the end of cold and flu season. If you didn't get sick this year yet, consider these last minute foods to fight the flu to make it through until spring! While medications do wonders, sometimes medications alone cannot alleviate all of your symptoms. If you have the flu, here are five foods that can help alleviate your symptoms, strengthen your immune system, and fight off that bug!


When it comes to health foods, garlic is a miracle worker; research over the years has revealed it to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects (1). When you’re fighting off the flu virus, garlic is just the boost your immune system needs!

In order to make the most of its anti-viral properties, try to incorporate garlic into soups and broths. Adding them to the mixtures allows the garlic’s nutrients to be released into your food, making them easier to absorb!


Like garlic, fresh ginger has been found to ward off viruses (2). While it might seem tricky to a...

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