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13 Week Program

If you are looking for a complete program, this one has it all. By combining medical, training, and nutrition into one simple package, you get an entire healthy lifestyle upgrade, and  it happens in only 13 weeks. 

What's Included

  • 3-hour CAHA medical                 

  • Comprehensive nutrition program

  • Detailed cardio home-program          

  • 12 weeks of training 3 x per week

  • 2 additional bod pod sessions 

  • 2 additional full fitness assessments 

  • Doctor Supervised Medical integration 

  • Total Value:  $5,000

  • Special Price: $4,000

How it Works

WEEK 1                3-HOUR CAHA

WEEK 2                Nutrition meeting, meal plan, and 2 PT Sessions

WEEK 3-13          3 PT Sessions Per Week

WEEK 4                BOD POD Reassessment

Week 6                Final Nutrition Session

WEEK 7                Full fitness Reassessment

WEEK 10              BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 13              Full Fitness Final Assessment, Results 

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