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Our Ideal Cient

Our Ideal Client

1. Is ready to take action for the outcome they want, and has reflected that this change they want to make is for themselves not anyone else.

2. Values having a nutrition professional for support on their personal path towards improved health.

3. Understands their role in overcoming obstacles is to recognize the problem and bring these reflections to session so that client and dietitian can engineer solutions.

4. Recognizes that changing eating habits takes time and long term follow up and is ready to do the work consistently.

5. Is willing to try doing things differently and is ready to let go of the habits which have not served them.

6. Is prepared to hear sometimes frank feedback from their dietitian and is not afraid to let go of their long held beliefs.

7. Is able to trust the process of making small but significant changes.

8. Is prepared to experience the improved quality of life that better eating can offer.

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